Sandbox Summit

The Challenge:

Play is how kids learn. But with the influx of technology into every aspect of kids’ lives, the ways and means of play have changed. Digital natives log on before they can walk and blog before they can write. How are all these bells, whistles and chips changing the way they process information? Are they still learning to think critically; or can they merely ace standardized tests? How can we make sure that the next generation of players becomes active innovators rather than passive consumers of media?

The Solution:

Sandbox Summit was an innovative idea forum designed to address how modern technology affects the ways kids play, learn, and connect. Through high-energy panels, innovative demonstrations, original research, and thought-provoking workshops with toy industry and media leaders, analysts, educators, and rock stars, each Sandbox Summit strategically intermingled disciplines and viewpoints. The mantra was: Never talk to a room full of nodding heads. In this way, every Sandbox Summit stimulated the means (and the movers and shakers) that encouraged kids to become creative, critical thinkers in the 21st century.

Sandbox Summit ran from 2008 to 2016, with conferences at CES (2008), FIT (2008), 92nd St. Y (2009), Hofstra University (2009), MIT (2010-2016), and USC (2015).

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