Hape International

The Challenge:

Hape is a company known for making educational wooden toys. However, although their products are well received and beautifully made, their innovative techniques and gender-and-culture-neutral designs are barely recognized. In order to differentiate themselves in the competitive toy market, their commitments to children, learning, and environmental responsibility had to be highlighted. Furthermore, their three distinct lines of toys needed to be incorporated under one corporate brand.

The Solution:

Rethinking Play became the mantra for this company that already recycles, reduces and reuses. A new mission statement that clearly defined Hape’s goals was released in a corporate brochure, press material, and brand catalogs, sending the message B2B. Beginning with the largest toy line (Educo), all of the packaging copy was rewritten, getting the same message into the hands of the consumers. Copy templates were created so that all future material would be consistent. An Eco-toys brochure further enhanced the ecology aspect of Hape. The long-term plan is to revamp each line to create a unified look and language.