Smart Sketcher

The Challenge:

Flycatcher developed a multifaceted product that taught kids to draw, sketch, and write numbers, letters, and words using a Bluetooth-connected device. The challenge was to emphasize the fun aspect to the kids, the learning aspect to the parents, and the wow! factor which enabled users to download any photo from a smart device and turn it into a sketch. I was involved in every aspect of the brand development including names, content, collateral, advertising, website, and product extensions.

The Solution:

The first product was named Smart Sketcher Projector, conveying the “smart” connected aspect of the toy, and clearly stating the ability to teach kids to sketch. The packaging and collateral were simplified to create a 3-step process for drawing and writing. I enlisted an educational consultant to ensure that the letter writing process utilized correct keystrokes. Content was developed to be consistent with national curriculum standards so it could be used in schools as well as at home. While the kids had no hesitation about playing with the sketching and downloading aspects of the toy, we tweaked the writing and spelling mode to morph the letters into pictures, rewarding users for completing a word. Product extensions added color, frames, and specialized topics for drawing. In its first year launch, Smart Sketcher Projector won numerous awards and honors including a TOTY Rookie Toy of the Year finalist, Best in Show at CE Week, and Toy of the Year at the Spanish Toy Fair.