The Challenge:

Create from one to three monthly birthday parties (at Parents Magazine and Nick Jr. Family Magazine) that were seasonal, original, age appropriate, and most of all, realistic for parents to replicate.

The Solution:

Make it simple and make it fun by streamlining the party system. The important elements are invitations (often created on the computer), a knock-your-socks-off cake (made from a mix), a great goody bag, and themed games and crafts based on skills kids already know. Activities were pre-timed to last for about 1 ½ hours of play (adjusted for the age of the guests), and for added value, we’d sometimes offer cut-out thank-you notes. The cooking party (pictured) was part of Nick Jr.’s Food, Fun, and Fitness issue. Because a kid’s birthday is a major milestone in every child and parent’s life, the features were always highly rated and saved from year to year. In May ‘O5 the entire issue of Nick Jr. was themed to birthdays, giving readers over 100 ideas for throwing the “perfect” party.